DieHard Gold Battery Of $159.99

DieHard Gold batteries are engineered for maximum starting power in any climate. That means you can relax knowing you'll get your car started, even on the coldest or hottest of days. DieHard Gold automotive batteries meet or exceed the manufacturers power (CCA) and reserve capacity requirements for your vehicle, ensuring you get the power you need for a quick start every time. DieHard Gold batteries are engineered with Stamped Grid technology, which is a stronger and more durable positive grid. If you are looking for more power, upgrade to the DieHard Platinum.

Lion Motor Cycle Battery Of 71.99

Lion Motorcycle batteries offer a cost effective alternative to the larger branded batteries. Lion Motorcycle batteries are made to strict guidelines to ensure optimum performance, and the power to start first time, every time.

Exide Excel Car Battery 100 Of £147.99

Exide Excell Batteries are high quality and high performance batteries for everyday applications. They are normally recommended for standard cars, with standard electronic systems. For higher drain systems we recommend using Exide Premium batteries.

Lion 012 Car Battery Of £95.99

Lion Performance batteries are able to withstand the pressures of day to day use, and are still excellent value for money. All Lion batteries carry a 3 year guarantee for peace of mind and are created to match original specifications.

Duracell Ultra Alkaline Battery AAA at Rs 214

Duracell AAA alkaline batteries are engineered to deliver the power needed for household devices that are used on a daily basis. These batteries deliver the right level of power to fulfil nearly every electronic need and are very reliable and long lasting.

AutoCraft Platinum AGM Battery at $199.99

Autocraft Platinum AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) batteries of cost $199.99, are specifically designed for today\'s power hungry vehicles. These batteries are engineered to provide up to 2x the life vs. a standard flooded battery and is ideal for vehicles with electrical accessories (DVD players, heated seats, GPS, plug-in accessories) which put a heavier demand on the battery or vehicles with start-stop technology.