Leon – LED outdoor lamp rechargeable with USB cable of € 43.90

The modern Leon garden and terrace lamp can be used outdoors in many ways: it comes with an earth spike and a socket and can therefore easily be placed in the ground in the meadow or garden or used on the terrace on the table. The integrated LEDs provide a cozy and pleasant atmosphere because they flicker like real candlelight. The warm, gold-colored light temperature also contributes to the attractive appearance.

Foscarini Twiggy Grid XL LED table lamp of € 1,647.90

The LED table lamp Twiggy Grid XL is a new edition of the popular Twiggy indoor lamp series, which found its way into the range of the Venetian luminaire manufacturer Foscarini in 2006. With Twiggy Grid, the family has been supplemented with two weatherproof variants, which can now also be used outdoors.

Kartell Lantern LED table lamp of € 209.90

This original LED lamp is designed for indoor and outdoor use. Usable as a lantern, the LED table lamp can be carried, hung or placed anywhere - no matter if it\'s in the living room or on the terrace. Thanks to the metal ring on the top end of the lamp, it can even be hung without any problem.

Deco LED table lamp Battery with IP54 of € 169.90

The small LED table lamp Battery is a decorative and practical accessory for outdoor use. For this purpose it is equipped with IP54 protection and is therefore protected against various weather conditions. Thanks to the battery, the lamp can be placed anywhere, for example on the terrace, on the balcony or where the table lamp in the outdoor area of ​​cafes and restaurants is a stylish mood lamp.

3-piece set of LED solar lamps Lago of € 99.90

This 3-piece set is a fantastic recommendation for all homeowners with a garden or those who would like to upgrade their flower box on the balcony or terrace. The 3-piece set provides three balls, different in size, with a diameter of 20 cm, 25 cm and 30 cm, all of which have a ground spike. With the different diameters alone, special optical effects can be brought about, but of course it is the light function of the bulbs that shadows everything and not only offers an enchanting sight on a soft summer evening.